“Animals have always played a big role in my life. For 13 years my best friend, life partner was a wise and charismatic Affe, a rescue dog from Estonia. With my own life choices and philosophy I have always tried to influence the life of animals to make their future brighter.  In the fall of 2015 I volunteered to work with a rescue dog organization to help the dogs in Romania. Later that same year I helped the wounded wild life on a nature reserve in South Africa. In my opinion humanity is measured in the way we treat animals, living creatures from nature. Animals have the right for a good life.” 

-Paola Ivana Suhonen-

Animal rights have become a part of the mainstream culture. The exponential growth in vegetarianism, increasing knowledge of the abilities of animals and the positive attitudes towards animals are just few examples that show us that animal activism isn’t just for the small margin of people. Now it is of the utmost importance to recognize these acts and change the laws to make a better life for animals. For this to happen we need a strong voice to educate our society. Consumers’ choice is an important part of the process and it will advance the change needed in the animal right laws.

The collection is a special tribute to the dogs Paola Suhonen met and helped in Romania. Through the photo print the audience will get to know the dogs that have had a rougher life than any of us could ever imagine. Ivana Helsinki will tell the tales of each of the dog in the print during the year 2017. Every dog is known by name; Ivana Helsinki team was deeply touched by all the stories behind the suffering puppy dog eyes.  Paola has met each and every one of these dogs in the print and helped them survive and find new homes from Finland.  Most of the stories have a happy ending.  

With this collection and the story behind it Ivana Helsinki wants take part in spreading the knowledge of animal rights and educate people to make better choices in life to benefit  the lives of animals. We are not the only ones on this blue planet; we need to take care of one another.