Caged birds, caged love. Making the loved one your own.

What does true love actually mean - freedom or imprisonment? 

Birding represents identity crisis. Belgian designers, such as Ann Demeulemeester and Martin Margiela, made a powerful entrance towards the end of 2000. In their wake, Paola made some bizarre black experiments, for example gigantic shoulder pads. 

The theme of the collection is caged and ringed birds, associated with ringing love, marking the other person and shutting them in. The collection is rich in colour. The earlier bright and delicate colours are replaced by powerful hues such as pink and lilac. Digital technology advanced and it was easier to make painting-like patterns. The motif of the pattern is a circus bird doing tricks inside a ring. For the first time, we used fluffy mohair in the knits. The clothes are loose caftans and tunics, different from our earlier tighter garments.