A young hunter shoots a Bambi, which turns out to be his beloved. How to recover from the loss of one's greatest love? How to deal with love that can kill at its worst? The collection is an open love/hate letter to an ex boyfriend. 

The Bambi figure was repeated in the patterns, alongside traditional stripes and diamond patterns. The collection, with about 200 garments, was the largest so far. A lot of special techniques were used in the dresses, such as gold-thread embroidery, open cuts, appliqué, three-dimensional pads and quilt-work. There were also quilted vests, and dresses with detachable quilted Bambis. 

We presented the collection in the Paris Fashion Week, being the first ever Finnish fashion brand to be accepted there. We wanted to be there as the first Finns, and it almost became an obsession. We went there in person to show our collection, sent an application portfolio and hired the local pess office L'appart to boost our profile. Paris was a great achievement and an important milestone for self-confidence. There we received the official acceptance from the world's most prestigious fashion weeks.