In New York, Paola's mood was a mixture of nostalgic bouts of loneliness and a huge sense of freedom. The conflict between loneliness and freedom formed the story of the Leaving Circus. Paola added the Circus motif because it has always fascinated her.

Leaving Circus represents a return to the colourful '70s. The line is fresh and has several patterns, such as a cubistic horse's head, stamp-like horse  patterns and graphic balls, squares and triangles. On some of the clothes an oversized graphic print is used, that is placed on the fabric at random. It is the largest print Paola has ever used. 

We shot the collection short film in the middle of the desert in Marfa, Texas, near the Texas border. The deserted frontier area is like a no-man's-land, where the themes of loneliness and freedom take shape. We left one wooden horse we had used as a prop right there, to fade in the blazing sun. Afterwards, Paola had bad conscience for abandoning the horse in the middle of nowhere.