An old Russian folktale about a lonely tiger left a lasting impression on Paola when she was attending a language school as a child. Paola wrote a continuation to the story, in which a poacher shoots an Amur tiger. The tears of the heartbroken tiger make the river Amur overflow. Now, as a grown up, Paola finally wanted to travel across Siberia and see real Amur tigers. In autumn 2008, Paola spent two weeks on a train from Moscow to Vladivostok. 

Paola had her latest collection with her on the journey, packed in backpacks. The collection photos were shot during that train ride, on strangers she met.

Paola made the prints the previous summer in the Kökar residence for artists. The Amur tigers bring three different tiger patterns to the collection, in multiple colours. The collection also has multi-melange patterns made by dropping dye drops in different colours on the printing screen.