A story goes that the nightless night of Midsummer Eve and a solar eclipse had fallen on the same day some time at the beginning of the previous century. To Paola, this hit home immediately. Paola imagined the early years of the 20th century in the Finnish countryside, unreached by communication. People would have gathered together to celebrate the nightless night, and suddenly the sun goes black. 

This coinciding of two opposite phenomena was the basis for the Mourning Sun Motel collection, which grew into a short film. There is this strange motel somewhere in the hinterland, where people gather to celebrate the middle of the summer. People are performing absurd rituals to pass time. When the sun becomes dark, nobody knows if it will ever show itself again. 

Paola rarely takes ideas from popular culture for the Ivana Helsinki collections, however, Paola saw Lars Von Trier's film Melancholy, which stirred her heart. Every element of Melancholy touched her and was a tremendous inspiration. 

The short film is shot at a motel built in the 1970s in Paimio.