There is something special about the frozen harbours, the below zero marine sceneries with ice-breakers and anchors in the snow. Rotterdam is one of the largest freight ports in the world. Twice in a century it gets the ice cover. We experienced one of those winter marine magic moments.

The theme of the Rotterdam collection is returning home. An old photography set Paola off on the design. Paola's father's eldest brother, Alpo, then a young, weather-beaten sailor poses in the Rotterdam harbour. The picture oozes the yearnings and wistfulness of departure. It's freezing cold and the harbour is frozen. Ships and seamen are waiting for the sea to become free, killing time in smoky sailor's bars. Whiskey warms them up, oil lamps are burning. 

The atmosphere of waiting in the photograph and its related associations created the imagery of Rotterdam: bars, cargo holds, red lanterns, the gloominess of a seaport, the 1960s. There was also a touch of the tropics: exotic fruits brought by the ships in their holds. 

The design has graphic stripes as well as exotic, flamboyant fruit patterns. For the first time, we used soft flannel as a printing base. On denim we bleached a pattern resembling crushed ice. The print was inspired by the idea of ice breakers crunching ice into small pieces, like cubes tinkling in a tumbler.