Childhood sceneries, 70's retro, Slavic sophistication, dark autumn evenings. 

In Tapiola-Kauniainen collection Paola returned to her childhood landscape and 1970s retro style. In contrast to Ivana Helsinki's early retro style collection, Tapiola-Kauniainen has a darker tone and Slavic sophistication. 

Those beautiful 70's houses, homes of colourful wallpapers, places with turquoise pools, trays with heavy red and green candles, bowls of raisins and almond treats. Passionate conversations, the mysterious scent of French wine, smell of tobacco and brave idealistic ideas about the world to become. These are the things that reminds Paola of her childhood in Tapiola and Kauniainen, and the inspiration for Tapiola-Kauniainen collection.

The soft, flurry textiles, such as wall rugs, textile wallpapers and hair fibre rugs, gave the inspiration for the Tapiola-Kauniainen knits. The print was placed on a painting of Paola's. The colours are 1970's, full and spicy: lilac, orange and burgundy.