When the surface of a lake freezes, the water looks like velvet for a little while. The magic moment lasts but a few minutes. The surface of the lake seems to grow soft fluff or down. That is the moment when winter outs autumn.

Paola remembers these moments from hers and Pirjo's early childhood scout trips. The freezing lake gave the idea, name and pattern to the Velvet Lake collection. It was sombre and dark in a good way, Slavic in its melancholy. Velvet plays a big role in the collection, together with pleated silk and knit. The prints have feather and down patterns, with powder rose and bright green colours. 

Paola wanted to do the photo shoots at the very moment when winter arrives and the lake freeze. However, the winter took a surprise start. Mikko Ryhänen photographed the collection at Paola's family's summer cottage in absurdly sub-zero temperatures. The models ran back and forth between the sauna and outdoors to have their pictures taken.