Superwood 2019 ticket: Sleepover SAT 5.10.2019
Superwood 2019 ticket: Sleepover SAT 5.10.2019
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Superwood 2019 ticket: Sleepover SAT 5.10.2019

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For two nights in the autumn woods by the seaside, a community, a universe reminiscent of childhood summer camps is created. A sleepover experience with 45 hours of music, art, and food for thought and soul.

The Superwood Festival by Ivana Helsinki takes place from October 4th to 6th, 2019.The Superwood Festival brings music, art, expert talks and vegetarian food all under the same roof.
Open the door, step in, get a glass of sparkling and experience the entire festival
in a unique architectural space.

Sleepover is a new dorm-type accommodation concept for Superwood 2019. Guests bring their own sleeping bag & camping mattress. Mixed dorm. Please bring your own towel. Shower and sauna facilities included, the famous Rantapuisto breakfast buffet can be purchased separately.

SLEEPOVER TICKET SATURDAY includes the accommodation only. Please buy the Saturday ticket separately for entrance & full festival day on Saturday 5.10. Check in Saturday 13.00 onwards, checkout Sunday by 13.00.