Ivana Helsinki is an independent art, fashion and cinema brand, delicately merging Slavic melancholy with pure Scandinavian moods and Americana Vintage with a hint of nostalgia.

“Ivana Helsinki started as my personal art-project; now it’s a way of living. I could easily spend my life as a nomad, raising stories of love and life and going to my road trips – but it is pretty much ok to do cute, straight cotton and woolen dresses for charismatic drummer girls and girl-women with beautiful souls instead. My world is for the ones whom love moonlit fields, pirates, dark forests, crummy motels, champagne states of drunkenness, fragile butterflies, passionate relationships, cowboys and guardian angels. After all, they all are just after a love of their lives, rarely seen peaceful madness; just waiting to see, will he be a rockstar, a motor biker, a gnome, a cosmonaut or a sailor.”

-Paola Ivana Suhonen

All our collections are based on Paola Ivana Suhonen’s childhood memories, her endless desire to be on the road and her love for nature and animals. Her memories and inspirations translate to beautiful prints and nostalgic shapes, that are loved all over the world. 

Ivana Helsinki style is recognisable and the brand is best known for the original print work that can be found anywhere from dresses to home decor and beauty accessories. 

All the prints are designed by Paola Ivana Suhonen herself. Ivana Helsinki is the only Scandinavian brand that has been accepted to show on official fashion week calendars both in Paris and New York.

Ivana Helsinki has an original take on fashion. We do not follow trends, but create timeless art pieces, functional luxury.